Antioxidants are more powerful in certain combinations. After years of research, I have figured out what I believe to be the perfect combination of antioxidants.”

— Dr. Kleid



Dr Kleid has formulated an antioxidant supplement combining the top 10 most powerful antioxidants. This supplement forms a protective team against the ravaging affects of free radicals.

One of the most powerful antioxidants is called Superoxide Dismutase(SOD). Very few products contain this special antioxidant. It helps reverse atherosclerosis among many other benefits. I made it a priority to put it in Ultra Oxy-10.”

Most people do not eat the perfect diet which would ordinarily contain many antioxidants. This is why additional nutritional supplements containing the right combination of antioxidants are important to help the body combat the increasing number of free radicals arising from pollutants, smog, dust, smoke, drugs, stress, caffeine, etc.