My Number 1 Recommended Diet of All Time

In this video I talk about my favorite diet, the Mediterranean diet. I tell you about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, how it will make you lose weight and how it will help you maintain that weight loss.

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2 Responses to My Number 1 Recommended Diet of All Time

  1. Enjoyed the video. Thank you.

    But I continue to be insanely confused. What about “The China Study” and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn “Preventing and reversing heart disease”, and several others saying that “oil” of any kind, is the enemy. All very convincing as I hear and read the years of their research.


    • There are a lot of diets out there and all the information can get confusing, but this is the diet that I really like and the diet that works for me. Through my experience and research this is the diet I recommend. The American Heart Association & American College of Cardiology endorse the Mediterranean diet. I would suggest looking at the statistical analysis of the Lyon study & other trials of the mediterranean diet to give yourself some more information. In terms of oils, I can tell you that olive oils have been scientifically shown to reduce cardiovascular risk. Again, this is the diet that works for me. I hope that helps.

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